Safe, efficient and profitable production

The managers, engineers and consultants working with Camm-Pro all have significant experience within the oil industry; in the local North Sea and overseas. They have all worked in the various project execution phases and operational models, employed by numerous operating companies over the last 30 years. From our experience, no matter the size of the operator, they all strive for the same thing; safe, efficient and profitable production, maximising the value of their assets and return on investment.

Execution strategy with controlled decision making

For any project, of any size, at any development stage, this can only be achieved through application of a clear execution strategy. Doing this by controlled decision making, based on a full understanding of the exploitation methodology, engineering development and project metrics. Oil companies have made significant investment in developing systems and processes to frame project execution and control investment decision making.

These systems have been mirrored by service providers, who themselves have developed complimentary execution models. Experience has shown that although well defined and detailed, implementation of an overall execution framework can create conflict between operator and service provider and rather than being an enabler, the framework can deflect from delivery of the optimal scope.

Clear strategy

Without a clear strategy and understanding of the drivers, the service providers interpretation of the workscope can result in flawed option definition and preparation of insufficient definition leading to poor decision making, unnecessary change and ultimately wasted time and money on re-work.

Framework and interfaces

Camm-Pro do not propose it is the use of Operator execution models that cause waste, rather it is how the delivery framework and interfaces are set up and managed that can create conflict. Oil company and service providers can have different business drivers and although employing their best interpretation of an execution strategy, may not always have a full understanding or requisite information available to make informed decisions.

Experienced independent management teams

Camm-Pro provide experienced independent management teams who can assist to develop and drive an execution strategy to its proper conclusion. With a focus on workscope and interface protocol definition, Camm-Pro manage delivery to safeguard the best interest of the oil company at all times. With real experience of delivering in all stages of the project cycle, Camm-Pro ensure that the execution framework, project organisation, interface management and reporting structure are tailored to meet requirements. The engagement interface with service providers is optimised by removing unnecessary management burden to ensure efficient information flow and managed, justified, change control. This focuses technical works on fulfilling the project drivers and preparing and presenting the necessary deliverables at every stage gate.